Where to learn Calculus

Sometimes the courses I offer are a bit easier to follow if you are already comfortable with the basics of calculus. I don't have any calculus-specific tutorials, but there are a lot out there already. Based on my informal polling of data scientists, here are some great places to pick up the fundamentals.

Recommended for extraordinary accessibility

3Blue1Brown (Grant Sanderson) offers a fundamentals of calculus video series. Grant is unmatched as a math explainer, particularly if you get your intuition through pictures. As bonus, there is a follow-on math-for-machine-learning series, including a deep dive into backpropagation.

Recommended for delightful depth

Gilbert Strang's calculus course and online textbook. I got to take a course from Dr. Strang and can attest that his passion for the subject is unsurpassed.

Also recommended

There are other courses that come highly recommended by former students.