Where to learn Python

The courses I offer assume you are already comfortable with the basics of Python. I don't have any Python-specific tutorials, but there are a lot out there already. Based on my informal polling of data scientists, here are some great places to pick up the fundamentals.

Getting ready

If this is your first time learning a computer language, there are some foundation pieces, like using the command line, that will help you get started. e2eML Course 111 covers these for working on a Mac. (A future course will cover the PC.)


I took a look at this material and presentation and resonated with it. Also, it was described to me by a student as an experience that "totally changed my life."

Also recommended

There were lots of other courses and programs that come highly recommended by former students. Courses that received multiple recommendations are nearer the top, but I haven't looked closely at these, so other than that they are in no particular order.

Finally, there is a wonderfully comprehensive list of courses at Data Sci Guide, run by Renee Teate. You can rate courses you've taken, or search for new ones on Python or any one of many other topics.