Where to learn SQL

SQL is powerful and ubiquitous and it's one of the easier data science tools to get started with. An informal polling of data scientists on Twitter and LinkedIn generated a great list of possibilities. Here are a some of my favorites.

All of these courses are beloved by someone. There are probably other good ones that I haven't included. But it's a place to start. I'm biased toward courses that are accessibile (free, no signup, intuitive to navigate) and emphasize practice. I focused on courses recommended by someone other than their creator.

Best first courses

SQL Bolt comes well recommended. It's intuitive and lightweight. Practice available throughout. Free with no sign-in.

SQL for Data Science by Kristen Kehrer, a.k.a @DataMovesHer. Gently paced video walkthroughs. Practice available throughout. Free with no sign-in.

Best preparation for working in Kaggle

Kaggle's Intro to SQL also comes highly recommended. It focuses on using Google BigQuery in the Kaggle environment. Registration required. It also comes with a Kaggle SQL summer camp video companion.

Fun fact: Instructor Rachel Tatman has a celebrity hedgehog named Gustav.

Most polished

SQL for Data Science Analysis, through Udacity has a highly professional presentation throughout. It's free, but sign-in required. A sequence of video examples gives a gentle progression through the material.

It's taught by Derek Steer, CEO of Mode Analytics, which also produces the popular Mode tutorials and the Mode SQL editor.

Also good