End-to-End Machine Learning Library

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End-to-end machine learning projects

Machine learning case studies



Career development

322. Two Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks

321. One Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks

314. Neural Network Optimization

neural network optimization course

313. Advanced Neural Network Methods

advanced neural network methods course

312. Build a Neural Network Framework

neural network visualization course

311. Neural Network Visualization

neural network visualization course

221. k-nearest neighbors

k-nearest neighbors course

213. Polynomial Regression

polynomial regression course

212. Time-series Prediction

time-series course

211. Decision Trees

decision trees course

209. Cottonwood examples

decision trees course

A collection of case studies solving problems using the Cottonwood machine learning framework. For video walkthroughs of the code, look here and here.

201. Python intro: Time tools

A Python course for the absolute beginner. Zero prior knowledge assumed. Learn Python basics while building projects like a clock, a timer, and a stopwatch.

193. How Neural Networks Work

how neural networks work course

191. How Selected Models and Methods Work

how stuff works course

173. How Optimization for Machine Learning Works

how optimization works course

171. How to Choose a Model

model selection course

137. Signal Processing Techniques

signal processing course

135. Python concepts and cookbooks II: Advanced topics

134. Python concepts and cookbooks I: Fundamentals

133. How to Navigate Matplotlib

matplotlib course

131. Data Munging Tips and Tricks

121. Navigating a data science career

101. Data science concepts

Foundational Skills