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Career development



Machine learning case studies

End-to-end machine learning projects


Foundational Skills

101. Data science concepts

121. Navigating a data science career

131. Data Munging Tips and Tricks

133. How to Navigate Matplotlib

134. Python concepts and cookbooks I: Fundamentals

135. Python concepts and cookbooks II: Advanced topics

137. Signal Processing Techniques

173. How Optimization for Machine Learning Works

171. How to Choose a Model

191. How Selected Models and Methods Work

193. How Neural Networks Work

201. Python intro: Time tools

A Python course for the absolute beginner. Zero prior knowledge assumed. Learn Python basics while building projects like a clock, a timer, and a stopwatch.

211. Decision Trees

212. Time-series Prediction

213. Polynomial Regression

221. k-nearest neighbors

311. Neural Network Visualization

312. Build a Neural Network Framework

313. Advanced Neural Network Methods

314. Neural Network Optimization

321. One Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks

322. Two Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks


Cottonwood machine learning framework